Chapter 2


Well dispite putting off having children until the very last minute Basil seems to be growing up quite well.

So far Basil has the traits ~ Loves The Outdoors and ~ Clumsy


… So Miss Anna Lee .. how is motherhood treating you? ….. umm hello ??

Anna ~ …. mumble mumble.. trash.. diapers …… bottles……no..mumble … more trash… dirty dishes….


Anna ~ ‘Thanks right Basil, painting.. Mommy wanted to be a great painter but Mommy had spend hours fishing and gardening, scraping and saving so we could have a roof over our heads … not that Mommy is bitter, Mommy just wants you to remember that fact when Mommy is old and can’t toil in the soil to pay the bills anymore’


…Uh oh !

Anna ~ what you just thought I was being melodramatic with all that ‘when I’m old’ talk?


Anna ~ … Oh my acking back!


Anna ~ Sigh… I really should have had children sooner. I’ll be lucky if Basil hits his teen years before old Grim comes for me.


…Happy Birthday Basil (and none too soon either!)

Basil has added the Frugal trait to his list.


Basil ~ I LOVE gardening…

Anna ~ That’s not gardening boy, that’s playing …


Through out Basil’s childhood he had an easy time making friends.

Basil ~ wow we kind of look alot alike don’cha think? … weird.


Basil ~ Ummm, hi, my name is Basil.

Trudy ~ Like the herb? That’s weird. I’m Trudy, Trudy Faust.

Basil ~ Well my mom is really into gardening….


Another birthday reached before poor Anna Lee’s days come to an end.

…uh where is your mum kid?

Basil ~ not sure I’ve been busy making friends and cruisin’ the town.

…cruisin’? the town?

Basil ~ ok , so maybe I’m biking it … you get my point though.. I’m not home alot.


Basil ~ .. see meeting girls….


Basil ~ making friends and influencing others .. that’s my motto!


…hahahaha, maybe influencing others a bit too much eh there Basil??

Basil ~ Uh.. yeah dude, it’s isn’t cool to just rip my ‘do’ …


Basil ~ Dude your mom is smokin’!

… down boy, can’t you go for someone your own age?


Anna ~ That’s IT boy, you are grounded!

Basil ~ for what? It wasn’t that late.

Anna ~ Late enough for the police to have to bring you home… no son of mine is going to turn into a skirt chasing ruffian!

Basil ~ Ruffian? who uses that term anymore? …


Basil ~ Mom meet Trudy, Trudy Faust.
Anna ~ You brought one of your hussy’s into this house?
Basil ~ She’s not a hussy , she’s my one true love and I’m going to marry her. You said you wanted me to settle down and stop running all over town, well I’ll be an adult soon. You should be happy I’m changing my ways.
Anna~ BOY! … you will be the death of me!!

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