The Dragonwick Legacy

With a name like Dragonwick you’d think this family was the decedent of some dark noble line .. well it’s more my fangirl fondness for Vincent Price that brought me to this name choice. I’m not very good at blogging Sims stories but I’m attempting… again… in the hopes that the more I try the better I might get… or at least the more consistent.  I’m also choosing all traits out of a jar and won’t be using fruits or fertility to sway sex or number of heirs.   So with that little bit of info out of the way lets continue on with the story…

Meet Anna Lee Dragonwick. Moody Scottish redhead … Being stubborn it seems fitting that she would leave her family farm in Scotland and move to a small but bustling community like Sunset Valley.

~ Anna Lee Dragonwick



~Photographers Eye

~Friendly  (HA!)


~ Lifetime Goal  ~ Visionary  Lvl 10 in Painting, Lvl 10 in Photography


Her father sent her off with just enough money for a decent plot of land and a roof over her head. She was on her own from here on.

Anna ~  Good Grief, no floors, no paint?  Seriously?

…Sorry Anna, out of money. Hey at least you have a decent bed  🙂


Her first order of business is to find a way to make some money, as well as supply food for herself.  Luckily she lives within walking distance of the ocean, and fishing is free.


…Of course she’s not very good at it yet.  Still beggars can’t be choosers and a bucket full of minnows is just enough to pay the bills..usually.

Anna ~ I’d like to see you try this, fishing all day and storing all the fish in YOUR pocket.


Hmmm, maybe it’s all the fishing, maybe Anna Lee is just feeling a bit homesick.  I wonder if Sunset Valley has it’s own ‘Nessie’?


After a couple of weeks in Sunset Valley life for Anna Lee is really rather boring.  A constant grind  of fishing and harvesting wild fruits and veggies.  Anna recently started her own garden with some of the wild produce she found.  A bit easier than running all over town for an apple.

Anna ~ Hey you said we should pick the pretty plot of land over looking the ocean.  No one told me the price of living here in Sunset Valley.  Someone’s gotta pay the bills and it’s obviously not you.

…ok ok, hey , I was just saying…   all work and no play makes for cranky Sims…


Anna ~  Now that my gardening and fishing skills are paying off a bit better I can indulge my real talents..  Painting. sort of looks like a llama, the fluffy head and all .. no??

Anna ~  Obviously you know nothing about art.  It’s a camel…


Well fishing finally paid off…  Anna (and I) were amazed that she reeled in this little puppie!!

Anna ~ Isn’t he ADORABLE!?

… ummm yeah sure he is Anna, very cute.

Anna ~ Well I think he is and I’m naming him Nessie, my own little Nessie to talk to

….Anna, we really have to work on getting you some friends.


……  ‘ NO !!’


Anna ~ Don’t let my expressionless face fool you.  I am beyond pissed and you WILL pay someday for taking my little friend!!


… Anna you finally made a friend!

Anna ~ well, in case you lost track of my aging bar I’m going to be an elder next week.. I think I’ve put this off long enough.

…  o,O

Anna ~ so Ming, …. are you single?


…Whoa whoa whoa,…  you can’t just jump to the baby picture!

Anna ~ really?  .. and who exactly was supposed to ‘take’ the pictures, do you see a camera in my invisible back pack?  No, you don’t, so don’t act all shocked.  Besides Ming was only visiting for a few days so I had to work fast.

…so how about some dang info on the wee bairn??

Anna ~ Can I go home and relax first, geeze woman.


Anna ~  Wheew, gardening, fishing , painting and now a single mother?  There is just not enough hours in the Sim day.


~ Generation 2  Male     ~ Basil

~Loves The Outdoors


…well he certainly has his fathers dark hair and eyes, .. and style sense!!


don’t worry Basil, your mother only gets really grumpy with townies …   and me!


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